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Our tokens will equal to 1 gram of gold, silver, platinum or palladium and to 0.01 carat of a diamond. These tokens will be freely tradable on our platform and on numerous other exchanges.
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We create our own refinery production capacity in the most profitable regions so that we can deliver the depository of precious metals and gems with which our tokens will be backed.
We are prospecting a region wealthy with diamonds and gold and plan to establish mining operations soon.
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Iurii Borysenko
Iurii has immense experience in establishment and managing of businesses in the field of precious metals and gems. 
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Konstantyn Buialo
Kostiantyn has a high-level managing experience. He is an experienced lawyer with an international reputation. 
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Andrey Popov
Andrey is a serial entrepreneur with experience of building successful businesses in different spheres.
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Sergey Bondarenko
Solution designer, Creative problem solver, IT architect, strategist, analyst, consultant, auditor, technology evangelist
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Mykhailo Buialo
Executive Officer

Misha is early crypto enthusiast and adopter of blockchain technology.  He is our core manager who coordinates everything with different stakeholders.

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Aleksandar Ribak
Marketing Manager

Aleksandar is a serial entrepreneur, has an MA in Marketing, and owns a blockchain marketing company www.tsm.global

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Konstantin Jovic
Creative Lead
Konstantin has 18+ years’ experience in design
Cover nichil sethi
Nikhil Sethi
Communications Manager
Nikhil has 5+ years' experience in marketing, he worked with BlaBlaCar, Airtel and Carzonrent
Cover luigi
Luigi Pio Amendolagine
Community Manager
Luigi is a young crypto enthusiast and bounty manager

    After the ICO, whenever gold, diamonds or other precious minerals enter secure bank storage, new tokens will be issued proportionally to the increased stock of precious metals and gems in our storage. No token will ever be issued after the ICO without backing from a non-digital precious asset.

    One MagnumLink Ltd. token for gold (MLG), silver (MLS), platinum (MLPT) or palladium (MLPD) or one token for 0.01 carat of the smallest diamond gem with the lowest colour and purity index (MLD) would ensure that investors can trade their tokens on our platform and on other exchanges.

    The investors who buy our tokens, unlike in the case of many derivatives, would have the option to receive real assets in exchange for their tokens. For instance, investors can get bars of gold or diamonds if they don’t want to store or trade their tokens.

The first diversified portfolio of blockchain tokens fully supported with tangible assets based in precious metals and gems will be made available also by our own ability to conduct the manufacturing process. You don’t need to worry about the supply of new valuable tokens!Not only we will create great value for our investors but we will also improve production methods and living standards in Sierra Leone with the goal to upkeep the highest standards of eco-friendly production while paying fair wages to all of our employees.

The area we have license for has yielded positive results. There is availability of both non-placer and alluvial reserve of diamonds and gold along with other minerals.

The stage is enhanced exploration, measurement and development of mining plan while broadening licensed area.


We will sell our ML Tokens during ICO. The price of one token will be equal to 1USDT. To pre-sale will be allocated 500 000 amount of tokens.
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ICO money distribution

The invested money will be allocated to three profitable revenue sources:

1. Finishing of the trading platform which charges fees to traders

2. Refining precious minerals and earning money from the operations

3. Geological exploration to increase the amounts of precious materials we will extract

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